Tips to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

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Are your clothes, furniture, and curtains filled with pet hair? Do you not know how to remove it? You’ve landed at the right place. There are lots of quick and easy ways that can help you to remove them. The easiest is to hire an upholstery cleaner. If you can’t find an upholstery cleaner, hire a carpet cleaner. You can find a reputable carpet cleaning company on Yelp. If you can’t afford that or want to give it a shot on your own, here are some useful pet hair removal tips that you can consider:

Get a Lint Remover

Lint remover is one of the best pet hair removal products you should have if you have pets at home. Using it is simple, and it removes hair effectively from clothes and curtains. You, however, have to be careful to remove the hair immediately before they stick stubbornly to upholstery. If you do not have one at home, then it’s time to get it for yourself. With it, removing pet hair is pretty simple, and you won’t even need to seek the help of upholstery cleaning pros for assistance.

Use of Rubber Brooms

Removing pet hair on hardwood floors and carpet can be a hassle if you do not have a rubber broom. You should thus have one at home to help you get rid of pet hair completely. Unlike other hair removal products, a rubber broom loosens hair up making removal easy. Just get a good one and keep them as part of your upholstery cleaning products. It will help you a lot, and your home will always look attractive.

Feed Good Diet to Pet to Minimize Shedding

Though it’s normal for pets to shed off some hair, shedding can be excess and an indication of a health problem that needs attention. One way to minimize shedding is to keep your pets healthy by feeding them a balanced diet. Some of the best foods you can get for them include those that contain B-Vitamins. Besides that, you should also get them hair supplements and biotin tablets for better results.

Brush & Groom Your Pets

Grooming your pets on a daily basis or as you deem fit will help remove all the loose hair. Apart from that, it keeps your pet healthy and looking good. Therefore, brush and groom your pets nicely, and you will greatly minimize shedding. You should be strict with this especially if you have long haired pets at home.

Use Damp Glove

Damp gloves are some of the products you can’t miss to have at home if you want to make pet hair removal easy. Do you know how to use it? Well, just wear the glove and wet it then run over all the hairy surfaces and pieces. Once done, rinse them to remove the collected hair. It works great, and you definitely need to have them.

Removing pet hair from upholstery is part of cleaning exercises you won’t miss to carry out if you have pets at home. With the above tips, the process won’t give you a headache. Put them into practice and see how easy it is to keep your upholstery free from pet hair.

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