Understand Your Cat’s Body Language

domestic cat

Your cat’s body language is a little subtler than your dog’s body language. But there are still signs to be aware of to help you understand how your cat is feeling or what he or she wants in a situation.

If you come to understand your cat’s body language, you will be able to communicate better with him or her and ensure your cat feels safe at all times.

Here is what your cat’s body language means:


A tail at a normal degree is a sign your cat feels comfortable and confident. You can be assured your cat is content during times when the tail is at this height.

You should also feel happy when your cat’s tail is curled or wrapped around your legs or someone else’s legs. This is a sign of affection and friendliness from your cat.

The time to be fearful is when the cat’s tail is raised straight up in the air with an arched back. This is a sign your cat is fearful and angered and possibly ready to attack.

Be sure no one is approaching your cat at this time and do your best to verbally calm your cat when you see their tail in this position.


A slow and gentle blink is a sign of affection in the feline world. If your cat starts to blink very slowly when it stares at you, return the gesture to let him or her know that you love her very much too. This is an easy way to communicate with your cat.


Your cat also will communicate with audible purring noises from time to time. A standard purr noise indicates the cat is content or possibly in search of affection while a high-pitched sound is a sign of friendliness and happiness.

Be careful if you hear snarling or hissing. These noises mean you should maintain a distance from the cat until he or she is able to settle down. You can try to soothe the cat with your own voice but do not approach your cat during these times.

These signs are all forms of communication from your cat. Once you understand your cat’s body language your relationship will greatly improve.